abaddon the soul collecto by Mangakasan

abaddon the soul collecto

by Mangakasan in sculptures

And here he is after 2 months of hard work XD
Abaddon the beast of the abyss, he slays sinners with his enormous sword and collect their souls in his flask.
His body has absorbed multiple malicious spirits that caused his left side to deform in a twisted state were eyes and slimy vanes popped out. his once beautiful wing was effected by this and lost all its feathers and became rather organic.
Abaddon is a One of a kind and will stay in my personal collection

Sculpted entirely from scratch over an armature wire bulked wit aluminum foil, he's about 11 cm/4.3 inch tall and +-14 cm/5.5 wide, the sword is 19 cm/7.4 tall


*Clays: super sculpey/sculpey firm and milliput.
*I used clear resin and acrylic paint for the eyes. the eyes follow in each direction.
* The necklace i made of iron wire and a old but pretty marble i dug up XD
*Painted both sword and wolf with acrylic paints and dusted with pastels and pearl ex.
I tried to paint him more like an husky then an actual wolf but it became a mix of the two XD
*finished with multiple layers of matte varnish (for each pastel layer a varnish layer was required) and put 3d crystal lacquer on the shiny parts (eyes,mouth vanes etc)

Sword and necklace are removable .

Wips of this piece can be found at my facebook page among with other stuff i post more wips there of future works so follow me there when interested in these --> [link]

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  • t4mk4t


    Absolutely gorgeous! I have never seen such magnificent sculptures as yours! I tried to make a copy if my hand in sculpey once and it cracked in the oven...I had no idea that, under the hands of a truly skilled artist such as yourself, the stuff was actually able to convey such detail! :)

    Jun 4th, 2012 Reply
  • Mizzabelle


    This is wonderful work

    Feb 26th, 2012 Reply