Robotino by Madleg


by Madleg in 3D Work

Another one based on a illustration.. but this time.. by the awesome artist Waldemar von Kozak ... god i love his work so much, but the robot is dead he did hit me so hard i had to make it 3d, on this one i changed a lot of things from the original, used it almost just for the concept, hope you like it.

While making the image it reminded me of a song I had heard a while ago and had forgotten about it.. it's so damn good hahaha.. it's in spanish though, it's about a robot worrying and thinking about how sad it is being a robot and having no feelings, he thinks what it must be like to love... but he can't really know what it is like, it's great i love it and this image really made me think about that.

I spent quite some time with this one, i had a lot of trouble while rendering cause every part of the robot has a displacemnt map and that kind of ... got it stuck every time, it used up all the ram on my rig so i had to render in pieces haha, base model was done on Max then detail over at zbrush, blood (oil) realflow... and that's it i guess comp using photoshop.

Again thanks for the comments they are all appreciated, hope you like it, here´s the link to the song which i mentioned above if you wanna check it out it was a great part of the inspiration ;)

Song, the video is fan made, the song has no oficial video ... if someone wants me to translate the lyrics just leave me a comment, it's really an awesome song.

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