Pope by Madleg


by Madleg in 3D Work

This time i wanted to make something eeeviil muajajaja. Not really, the story is i saw a vid on youtube about the pope dancing to a pretty funny song, i loved the character so i decided to make it in 3d.

It was pretty difficult since i've never done a character like this before, i wanted to test how to create the maps from zbrush and import it in max without loosing that much detail and maintaining a low poly mesh, at the same time i wanted to test the vray SSS, so if it is kind of sucky... don't eat me alive with the comments jeje.

Ok the technical info, as i said before, i modeled the base mesh on max, then imported it to zbrush and gave all the detail i needed them took it back to max, actually i lost a lot of detail so i hope my next model ends up better. All the textures were created in max except for the skin wich was made in zbrush and just applied the SSS to the texture. Took about 2-3 hrs to render with vray and finally the hair was done with vray fur. Hope you like it.

Here is the link to the video:

The character was done by Fraser Davidson, you can search for him he's got some pretty cool things.

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