Micro elephant by Madleg

Micro elephant

by Madleg in 3D Work

Here's a quick model i did... well it was supposed to be fast...¬¬... but ... ended up being like.. 10hrs.

Well the story behind it is... i'm a big fan of Bobby Chiu and since he did the micro elephant concept... i reallly loved it hahaha, it's so awesome.. actually the whole "mini" series he did, but... the elephant is... THE ELEPHANT haha. Here's the link to Bobby's concept if you haven't seen it http://imaginism.deviantart.com/art/Micro-Elephant-253009289

The model and the hair were done over at Zbrush and so were the textures, and.. as usual 3ds max and Vray for rendering and materials, the composition was done on Photoshop.

If you wonder what the text says... it's a fragment of a "poem" i found but... didn't find who the author was so... if you know who he is i would appreciate it. It's in spanish it says something like:

It's small things
Those that people use to ignore
Those that use to abandon
At the end, the ones that you miss the most
You most adore

And so... at the end of everything
The only thing that's worth

Here's the spanish one:

Son las pequeñas cosas
Esas que la gente ignora
Esas que se abandonan
Las que al final más extrañas
Más adoras.

Es pues al final de todo
Lo único que vale la pena.

As i said it's just a fragment and... i might be wrong on the translation so.. any corrections are welcome, and so are the comments, cheers!! hope you like it ;)

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P.S. Thanks to Rob for giving me the author's name on the poem, Sebastian Hincapie.

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