Marcelina V1 by Madleg

Marcelina V1

by Madleg in What time is it? 3D AT

Well... here it is... Marceline's wallpaper.. i didn't really like how the composition turned out so... i'll probably post another one with this same model as soon as i can but while that happens i figured ... mmm i should post this one and see what you like and what you don't and maybe change it for the next one.

Ok, so this time the whole model was made on zbrush, except for the guitar and the boots both of them where done over at max, i just made a bit of detail on them over at zbrush.

The musical sign i got'em somewhere on google images so... if someone knows who made it please post it over here, anyways hope you like it, cheers!!

Here's a turntable i did on her check it out it looks pretty shitty if you don't watch it in 720... i think youtube really compresses video so, ok, again i hope you like it.

As always, any comments are appreciated!!

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