Look at me by Madleg

Look at me

by Madleg in 3D Work

I made this one for a contest "Desafio Eunoia" took about.. 20-25 hrs

I started with a base model of a woman over at Zbrush where i did the modeling of the girl and accesories and texturing for her skin, it's the first time i try to make it more realistic so... i think i failed on that hahaha i still need to work a lot on skin texture and materials.

Te rendering and background was done on 3ds max, back was done using greeble plugin for max.

I used vray for rendering as usual, well hope you like it, i'll post a turntable of her in a while.

Well, hope you like it, any comments as always are welcome, cheers!!

UPDATE: Here's the turntable http://youtu.be/8VwXEzTHs40 and over here my FB http://www.facebook.com/HopoStudio leave a like if you like it ;)

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