Finns Time by Madleg

Finns Time

by Madleg in What time is it? 3D AT

Hahaha mmm so... i've been watching Adventure Time a lot lately haha.. so yesterday i decided to make a wallpaper, i'm planning on doing a whole series on it, taking the characters i like the most and making'em 3d.

I did two color versions of the back this is one, and the other is yellow (jake's yellow) so if someone wants that color just ask me for it and i'll post it too.

Well i guess that's about it, made it in zbrush with dynamesh thingy, rendered over at 3ds max with vray, and the compositing was done with photoshop.

Enjoy, just in case you put it up on some other site just hit me back , cheers!!

Here's a turntable i did with it... since i didn't think of showing the back part of the model... it kind of lacks detail but hell here it is hahah...

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