Dia de muertos by Madleg

Dia de muertos

by Madleg in 3D Work

Here's my piece for the mexican day of the death, the tradition says.. the people you love that are now dead are going to come that day so a special place is made for them... it's called "Ofrenda", an offering so when they come they can eat what they like, drink what they love, etc.

The whole day of the dead tradition always makes me think of colors.. lots of colors, that's why i made it this way hope you like it!! ;)

As usual 3ds max for modeling, detailing on zbrush and render back in max, comp Nuke-Photoshop, most of the food were models i had from evermotion that i just textured, i started the image pretty late hahaha so .. i didn´t finish it on time.. but hell better late than never ..¬¬... thanks for the comments, hope you like it

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