Aerosol spray on canvas, brush and one kleenex. lOf course i used a pic of one of my fav old horror movies, "Village Of The Dammed"

They are called phantasms, specters or spirits. The ancient Greeks referred to them as shades while in Scotland they are known as wraiths. The Germans use the word spook, unless they cause a racket in which case they get the label poltergeist. Most people just call them ghosts and are either fascinated by them, or are terrified of them, or sometimes both.

The belief that human spirits could continue to haunt the living after death goes back to ancient times. We know that many primitive societies' burial customs included rituals to banish the spirits of the departed from the earth. As far back as biblical times, King Saul had the Witch of Endor summon the spirit of dead prophet Samuel for advice. More recently, in the late 19th and early 20th century, the belief that the living could contact the dead through spiritualism and séances tickled the public's fancy. Currently TV shows where "ghost hunters" trek to supposedly haunted locations to find spooks are popular on the cable channels.

What does science have to say about ghosts and their hauntings? Are they real? Or are they just the product of our overactive imaginations?.
Most ghost stories are connected with the idea that spirits are the souls of people who died under difficult circumstances - for example, murder or suicide - and continue to inhabit the earth. Troubled by their death, they haunt the places where they lived and died, unable to move on to the afterlife. One early account of this involves the Greek philosopher Athenodoros Cananites. Athenodoros became interested in a haunted house in Athens and started watching it at night. Late one evening an old man, bound at the feet and hands with rattling chains, appeared to him and beckoned the scholar to follow him. The ghost disappeared suddenly and Athenodoros had the spot where he vanished dug up. A man's shackled bones were found at the location and after a proper re-burial, the haunting ended.

Tales like those of Athenodoros are typical but don't really prove that ghosts exist. For science to confirm anything a phenomenon must be repeatable. Unfortunately ghosts, if they exist, do not seem to keep a regular schedule and their sporadic appearances make scientific observation nearly impossible. In addition, there is no scientific theory involving physics to explain how ghosts would work.

This, however, does not prove that ghosts do not exist. For many years scientists refused to believe in meteorites because their falling out of the sky was sporadic and not predictable or repeatable. Scientists also viewed the universe as perfect and had no theory to explain how there could be little pieces of extra rock floating around in space.

Of course, meteorites do exist and they now have been observed on many occasions. They also fit in with our current scientific theories. Might we one day be able to prove ghosts exist? Even if we can't do that today, perhaps science can do the next best thing and prove that a location is "haunted."

Low frequency sound, sometimes referred to as infrasound, usually can't be heard by humans. Even though these frequencies, usually 1 to 20 vibrations a second, are too low for human ears there is some indication people can still sense the presence of infrasound. In some sensitive people it can even cause nausea, anxiety and chills.One theory explaining why this sound wave affects humans is that 18.98 hertz is the frequency at which a human eyeball starts resonating. The sound waves make the eyeballs vibrate and might produce an optical illusion such as the vision of a figure that doesn't really exist. Another theory is that infrasound of sufficient intensity can also affect the balance system in the human ear, making people feel sick.

There is a popular paranormal theory that ghosts produce magnetic fields when they appear. There are several objections to this theory. Undoubtedly the most important is that there is no obvious evidence to back it up (unless someone out there knows different - please get in touch if you do). Until it has been persuasively demonstrated that a magnetic field appears whenever a ghost is seen, the theory is little more than speculation.

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