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Five skulls.

Number 5 stands in the symbolism of Numerology to mercury. Mercury is the smallest and fast spin planet of the solar system. In Astrology and Numerology Mercury is considered the planet of mixed temperament and dual nature. It is related to respiratory and nervous system.

Mercury is smallest planet in our solar system. It can be seen in early morning and evening as shining star.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo and is exalted in the latter. It is the only planet with rulership and exaltation both in the same sign (Virgo). It is considered malefic planet. Mercury is natural cold and moist planet.

The skull, an obvious symbol of (human) death, has been given strong religious connotations in several cultures. Among the people of India and neighboring regions, the skull necklace is an iconographic memento mori worn by certain gods and goddesses, most notably Siva in his ascetic form and Kali in her wrathful form. Skull necklaces are also worn by the wrathful aspects of allied Tibetan and Nepalese deities such as Kurukulla -- and necklaces and prayer beads carved from animal or human bones in the form of skulls are popular with their devotees.

In Vajrayana Buddhist iconography, skull symbolism is often used in depictions of wrathful deities and of dakinis.

In pre-Columbian America, the skull was given an honoured place in the religious iconography of the Aztecs and related tribes of Mexico. Their descendents, both Indians and people of mixed European and Native American heritage, continue to venerate the skull and the skeleton during the national Day of the Dead ceremonies, when skulls made of sugar are eaten and offerings are placed on the graves of deceased relatives and friends.

Among many Europeans and North Americans of European descent, the skull now has less of a religious meaning than it does a "spooky" one. The frightening old European skull-and-crossbones -- used as a memento mori in European-style Freemasonry, and as the "Jolly Roger" flag of pirates -- has been tamed over the centuries. These days the skull is trotted out for display at Halloween -- along with jack-o-lantern pumpkins and black cats -- as a conventional symbol of mild and amusing fright.

To some ancient societies it is believed to have had the opposite association, where objects like crystal skulls represent "life": the honoring of humanity in the flesh and the embodiment of consciousness.

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