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Absolutely a just for the fun CRAP after the "serious" works.

Dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy that permeates space and exerts a negative pressure, which would have gravitational effects to account for the differences between the theoretical and observational results of gravitational effects on visible matter. Dark energy is not directly observed, but rather inferred from observations of gravitational interactions between astronomical objects, along with dark matter.

The term "dark energy" was coined by the theoretical cosmologist Michael S. Turner.

Before physicists knew about dark energy, a cosmological constant, was a feature of Einstein's original general relativity equations that caused the universe to be static. When it was realized the universe was expanding, the assumption was that the cosmological constant had a value of zero ... an assumption that remained dominant among physicists and cosmologists for many years.

In 1998, two different teams - the Supernova Cosmology Project and the High-z Supernova Search Team - both failed at their goal of measuring the deceleration of the universe's expansion. In fact, they measured not only a deceleration, but a totally unexpected acceleration. Further evidence since 1998 has continued to support this finding, that distant regions of the universe are actually speeding up with respect to each other. Instead of a steady expansion, or a slowing expansion, the expansion rate is getting faster, which means that Einstein's original cosmological constant prediction manifests in today's theories in the form of dark energy.

The latest findings indicate that over 70% of the universe is composed of dark energy. In fact, only about 4% is believed to be made up of ordinary, visible matter. Figuring out more details about the physical nature of dark energy is one of the major theoretical and observational goals of modern cosmologists.

The discovery of the existence of dark energy has fueled speculation that it could be linked to paranormal phenomena. Many theories explaining this relationship have been proposed. A lot of people now believe that the existence of dark energy is intricately linked to paranormal phenomena and several theories explaining this relationship have been proposed in the last few years.

There is hardly any doubt now that dark energy is holding the universe together and it is present everywhere. This energy could explain how spirits can move objects and make them float in the air. It can also explain why the conventional laws of physics do not apply to spirits. Dark energy could also act as the channel through which some people are able to communicate with spirits or through which telepathic communication can take place between two people.

Dark energy can also help explain the concept of a universal consciousness (also known as distributed or nonlocal consciousness), which has been proved by several experiments. It could be the same phenomena that has been referred to in various cultures as chi, orgone, prana, aether, or the Holy Spirit.

Another theory that relates paranormal phenomenon to dark energy is that this energy carries psychic information and facilitates ghostly activity and psychic abilities. It is also believed that dark energy can pass through objects made of matter as if they did not exist, but this interaction could have a huge paranormal significance and could even be the source of some of our seemingly spontaneous thoughts.

Yet another theory is that the spirit is composed of dark energy that exists in symbiosis with matter of the human body when a person is alive. After a person's death, this energy is decoupled from the body and either exists in the vicinity of where the person died or merges into the aether.

As more is learned about dark energy through new observations, more could also be learned about how paranormal phenomena works. Dark energy could in fact be the key that unlocks the relationship between science and paranormal phenomena, and the next few years could be very exciting for both these fields.

Modern science now has the capabilities to measure phenomena that only 100 years ago would not have been possible. The technology available, including computers and space-based experiments, have opened the door to other realms of possibilities that unseen forces are interacting in the universe.

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