Traditional and Digital Artist • http://mbkkr.carbonmade.com/

, Netherlands

I am a 39 year old self taught artist from the Netherlands.
Most of my work are drawings and sometimes painting or digital photomanipulations.
My main interest is in visionary art, surrealism, realism and making "Exquisite Corpse" collaborations.

In this stage of my life making art is more than just a pretty image. It's about walking the path to be as pure as one can be in our society, to act from the heart, to life in the present moment when possible, to be still and meditate, to understand nature and to reach the true inner self and life from there.

In my drawings i often use symbolism that tell my own story to reach that point of inner self consciousness. While making these drawings i think about life and where i want to be as a free 'spirit'. For me that is what artmaking is all about. Being totally free within my own thinking where i can be as pure as possible and let that be my guideline for my way of living.

Thank you for your interest

You can find more of my work here: