drawing, vektor, manipulation

Grafik Designer with a thing for comics and manga.

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  • Aki


    Awesome gallery you have here!

    Feb 5th, 2011 Reply
  • Chibi


    I've never have as well. xD; But see. I've been collecting a lot of Chibi couples. Or shall I say. Just couples. ♥ I'm a art whore as you can tell. (( Too lazy to upload 300+ drawings I bought on Gaia && Solia )) So I'm not really sure. Probably a chibi couple or maybe a couple from you. > w< ♥

    Aug 18th, 2008 Reply
  • joka77


    About the pic "Fancy Shopping Mall ".. it was taken in a shopping mall in munich (I live in the near) in a bar there, the view was over a counter with chromed surface to the windows etc.. Its a real foto.
    I like your graphics too, keep going!
    Schöne Grüße nach HH !
    LG, Jens

    Apr 12th, 2008 Reply
  • ShadowKiller


    i have a very strange question for you.. your last name.. well, its the same exact spelling of a teacher of mines. and i was wondering.. your mom, is she an art teacher in Michigan, US? .. just curious.

    Feb 24th, 2008 Reply
    • Lyrilith


      No, but my dad's from the US. ^^ I don't think they're related though. ô.o There seem to be alot of DeGroots in America though...

      Mar 10th, 2008 Reply
    • ShadowKiller


      oh.. ok. sweet. ahh never knew that! interesting..

      Mar 10th, 2008 Reply
  • oli


    hey thank u for ur comments! // and you have some stunning vectors here... i should add my latest work, to show my vector skill ;) give me some days for preparing. lg oli (danke für die worte und gruß nach hamburch)

    Feb 11th, 2008 Reply
    • oli


      <a href="">i updated my profile ;) </a>

      Feb 12th, 2008 Reply
  • Tricks


    Some great artwork so far, lovely little characters and yes you should learn a lot from the many talented artists around here :)

    Jan 18th, 2008 Reply
  • StoryoftheRealms


    You are EXTREMELY talented at drawing. The compositions are grand a dand. Excellent Job!

    Jan 1st, 2008 Reply
  • gnss


    Thank yo for the compliment... it was just for the hell of it :) That's most of my work.. I like doing it and see how it comes out in the end.

    And Your art is impressive.. I'd love to draw like this, but I never learned it. Hope to see more of yout work :)

    Dec 26th, 2007 Reply
  • noxx


    do you own a homepage?

    Dec 24th, 2007 Reply
  • c-rayon


    hey du danke für deine kommentare :) hab gerade gesehn dass du aus hamburg kommst, ich komme aus leer hättest also auch deutsch schreiben können ;)
    und du machst eine ausbildung in hh? ich will versuchen da zu studieren ^^ lg

    Dec 21st, 2007 Reply