Nails by LuisMihn


by LuisMihn in Photography

King Diamond

1. Midnight

[FOREWORD: You cannot make Puppets out of dead people's bodies, and then bring them to life for real. Even if you could, DON'T TRY!!! The following story is mostly written from the nightmares of a sick child. A sick child, who still can't find the Light. Me.]

[Diamond/ Diamond]

Midnight...I see the snow that's falling
Midnight...Still hanging on this wall

I'm thinking back in time
To when there was still a life
Free of misery
Oh...But it was never to be

Midnight...I see the snow that's falling
Midnight...And still you're haunting me

I'm thinking back in time
To the cellar in the darkest night
All the misery
All...The blood I had to see

They're ready for the show
Now the blood must flow
They're waiting above
Oh Noooo!

"Let the show begin"

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