BTOB Eunkwang #1 by LovelieArti

BTOB Eunkwang #1

by LovelieArti in BTOB Artwork

||Eunkwang (은광) from BtoB (비투비) Chibi Character for Eunkwang Birthday . Created on November 22, 2012. by. SHINVISUALIZM ⒸLOCK Entertainment 2012|| inspire from: BtoB @Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards

Author: Lovelie Arti Shinarinie a.k.a SHINVISUALIZM
Created: November 22, 2012
Media: DIGITAL, Photoshop CS3
Copyright: LOCK Entertainment 2012
☠ Don't use the picture in personal CY, Blog, Space, Facebook or Twitter. KEEP THE LOGO INTACT! Don't change anything of the picture EDIT/ALTER/RESIZE for businnes or any other use. Don't use picture for banner, poster and other supporting goods ☠
::credit for SHINVISUALIZM as well. Thank you~::

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