B2ST Yoseob B@TOY #1 by LovelieArti

B2ST Yoseob B@TOY #1

by LovelieArti in B2ST Chibi Artwork

Title: B2ST/BEAST Yoseob Chibi
Type : B@TOY #1 Chibi Version
Author: Lovelie Arti Shinarinie
Created: May 12, 2011
Media: Digital (with Photoshop 7.0)
Copyright: LOCK Entertainment 2011
*Illustration "Yang Yo Seob B@TOY #1" Chibi Version by. Me*
☠ Don't use the picture in personal CY, Blog, Space, Facebook or Twitter. KEEP THE LOGO INTACT! Don't change anything of the picture EDIT/ALTER/RESIZE for businnes or any other use. Don't use picture for banner, poster and other supporting goods ☠

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