Living Shade Web Interface by LostEagle

Living Shade Web Interface

by LostEagle in Interaction Design

Mock-up of the design for the web interface for a system my team and I are designing. The system is a green wall shading system. The shading system detects a controlling device in the room. The location of the device can control the system by lighting light into the room except in the location of the controller, or only shine light on the controller, or any setting in between.

The interface will take in information from the arduino controlled system, i.e. water, soil and sunlight levels. The plant on the right is actually a representation of the health of the system, so if the user fails to maintain it the plant will wither. The bottom panel orientation is used to rotate individual parts of the system. The alarm works by actually opening the panels whenever the user sets to provide sunlight into the room.

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