Hate and Passion by LoeeShian

Hate and Passion

by LoeeShian in Vampires

He hates with flame and loves with fire. The tentacles materialize with strong emotions, passion, hate, rage and can be only seen by those of demonic nature.
He is a vampire, but he is also host of a demon. As little human boy dedicated to the Forest God of his tribe as blessing turned this Spirit into a Demon when he was transformed into a vampire. He isn't really aware of it yet, but still the other half of his is there, feeding, leaching on his emotions...

Sasa is mine
And yes, he's a guy.

Once born as human in a rainforest as child of an indigenous tribe Sasa is some exotic creature among the vampires. Soft, tanned skin and his seductive appearance made him to somebody demanded and desired.
For some he was a easy going company, cheerful and happy, searching and sharing his joy, for the others he was a warrior, a Hunter, dangerous and cruel with his sword in his hand, feared by his enemies.
But behind the curtains, in the shadows of his double life, he was a whore, forced into prostitution and drug addiction by the Elders of his own Clan, sold to his enemies to serve their perversions and sick fantasies.

But despite this hard past, Sasa still kept his spirit and enjoys his own sexuality beyond words and the best with his lovers Syrr and Marius, who after the Clans were broken apart took the leadership of all free vampires.

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