, Australia

I have a Bachellor of Science (Zoology) and currently work on terrestrial biodiversity and climate change, but in my spare time I enjoy creating and perusing art of a wide range of media.

Portraiture fascinated me from the quite young age of seven, and I loved to draw faces in pencil, and discovered my favourite tool: chalk pastels. Through my teenage years I came to enjoy both eastern and western cartooning, and regularly wrote stories during holidays and taught myself about writing and editing. During late highschool I began to learn to paint, and to incorporate other media into my works, such as tissue paper and ink, to create 3D textures.

While studying my undergraduate degree, I enjoyed roleplay based writing games with friends, and unleashed my inner activist. Experimenting with alternative and eco-conscious fashion became important, and I took a strong liking to stencilling.

Since beginning my working life, I have become more of an art appreciator. However, when I have needed a break from science, I have taught myself digital cartooning, and some basic principles of photo editing. Sometimes, I still relax by practicing traditional media with classical figure studies.