Modern Mythology by Liquidd

Modern Mythology

by Liquidd in Book Cover Illustrations

Client: Storm Moon Press
Project: Cover illustration for novel (Modern Mythology)
Media: Corel PhotoPaint and Painter X

Author's Description: After years of studying the art and magic of runecrafting, Käde has returned to her family in the Southern Circle in time for the long, dark winter when the sun disappears for two months. While there, she has a chance to catch up with Räivä, a childhood friend she has not seen for many years. Just as new feelings between the two women begin to bloom, an accident with her hunting party leaves Räivä lost somewhere in the blizzard. Käde knows she has little time to find Räivä, but it will take more than just runecraft to rescue her, and Käde fears she doesn't have the strength.

Artist's Note: In this illustration, Räivä and Kade walk across the frozen tundra from their small village rekindling a bond which began when they were younger. Note the leather pouch on Kade's belt. It is filled with runes made from bone because Kade is a runic spellcaster.

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