Photography and Graphic Design are only hobbies of mine that I have always expressed interest in, but have only recently been able to start exploring.</i></fontsize>

<fontsize="1">I use a variety of cameras for photography. These include both point-and-shoot cameras, SLRs, and D-SLRs. I do not modify any of my photos with Photoshop (except for tagging my name to them) unless they are in an album that specifically states so. Nothing against those who do, I just think it takes more skill and is more satisfying if a picture is unmodified by a third party program and is shown off in an "as taken" state.</fontsize>

Cameras I currently own:

Canon Powershot A520 (Point-&-Shoot)
Canon EOS Rebel K2 35mm (SLR)
Canon EOS400D Rebel XTi (D-SLR)

Digital rendering (as well as other work edited/compiled on the computer), which I am just starting to take seriously, I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and CS3 for. Any questions, just ask.

<b><u>CURRENT PROJECTS</b></u>

<b>I</b>. <u>Examples of Beginning Photography</u>
This is a project that involves step-by-step examples of what can be accomplished by those looking to explore the world of photography, but who currently posses no basic knowledge of photography (all frames will be captured using an inexpensive 35mm SLR).

<i><fontsize="2">This project is meant to show what a beginning photographer could expect to be able to accomplish within approx. three months of learning, and starting without a basic understanding of photography. While only the frames developed will be posted on Shadowness, one would also be able to expect to have learned, during the course of the three months, film exposure, development, and printing, as well as some knowledge in technical, conceptual, and creative aspects (such as composition, technique, full-tonal range printing, and creating & controlling meaning within one's own images). The project's results should be on par with that of what a student registered in a beginning photography course could expect to accomplish.</fontsize></i>

<fontsize="1">*Note: This is only an example of what one may be able to accomplish. Everyone learns at a different pace. This is merely a project showing what one could accomplish in their first three months if he or she was interested in learning photography but did not currently have any knowledge on the subject.

Examples are based off of the guidance of a beginning photography course syllabus written by John Engelbrecht of The University of Iowa. All images for the project are captured by Brian Grayson.</fontsize>

<b>II</b>. <u>My -asofterworld- Series</u>
This project is my version of the ever popular "asofterworld" series. I will be adding new ones every now and then (preferably once a month until my first project is completed, then maybe more often than once a month)

<b>!<u>Attention</u>!<b>: <i>You may not use, modify, or replicate any of the images I upload to this site without expressed written consent from myself first.</i>