The Adventure Pt. 4 by Lilith-Elina

The Adventure Pt. 4

by Lilith-Elina in Lily and Crane

The first thing Lily and Crane learned on their rescue mission was that you couldn't get used to a ride on the magic water lily in one go. They were shaking almost as badly as they had before when they arrived in a kind of square, open cave. There were a rabbit there, and one of the strange flowers they had already met, this time without anything written on it.

"Hello, we are looking for a seal baby. Have you seen one?"
"I… I…"
"The bunny doesn't seem to be very comfortable speaking, does it?"
"Excuse me." The voice was rumbling like an avalanche. Lily and Crane turned slowly towards a creature half-hidden in shadow.
"… Yes?"
"Rabbit is a very scared creature, scared of the monster that sometimes comes our way. She has a bad case of the stutter."
"A monster with huge hands, probably bigger than you are?"
"Yes. Every once in a while, it grabs one of the big dark things over there, takes them away, and puts them back later."
"Did it ever have a baby seal, too?"
"Not that I know of. Maybe you should ask the neighbours."

Not knowing how to get there, Lily and Crane climbed into the water lily again, waiting to be whisked away to yet another unknown land.

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