The Adventure Pt. 2 by Lilith-Elina

The Adventure Pt. 2

by Lilith-Elina in Lily and Crane

"Do you also know what this is?"
"It's a water lily!"
"A what?"
"A lily that can swim."
"It doesn't look like you!"
"No, but we share a name, I know it."
"There isn't any water to swim on, either."
"Maybe it got lost... Look, it's so big and comfy inside..."
"Why is it moving? Where is it moving to? Help!"

But no help came... The water lily vibrated faster and faster, and just when Lily and Crane feared that they would certainly fall off, it vanished. With them still on it, of course.

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  • rjonesdesign


    Very nice shaping with the petals. You created a nice soft look, which adds to the realistic look of your folding style.

    Aug 9th, 2011 Reply
    • Lilith-Elina


      Thank you! So far, I'm not very happy with my water lilies, so it's good to know I'm not too bad.

      Aug 10th, 2011 Reply