Hawaiian Green Turtle by LilaeaBluecoat

Hawaiian Green Turtle

by LilaeaBluecoat in Album


Drawing this fella was a bit like putting a puzzle together! Good thing I like puzzles. ;)

Reference was a gorgeous photograph by Jose Cardona for National Geographic [link]

I cropped some water out, because I wanted the attention to go to the turtle. Also spent less time on intricately detailing the water for that same reason.

Lots of drawing was done with blending stumps in this one. Such handy little tools!

- Hahnemühle Nostalgie A4 (the other side of my previous failed drawing)
- Derwent pencils 2H through 2B
- Mechanical pencils
- Kneaded eraser, Tombow Mono Eraser, pencil eraser
- Lots of blending stumps
- Masking tape for the border

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