Night Lights by Leova

Night Lights

by Leova in Digital Paintings

I was planning on doing buildings for awhile but I was afraid I wouldn't do well so I put it off. But I did some preparatory thumbnail sketches before doing this one, so I could get used to the angles and lines and all. Some of the sketches look really awful though, like ill-proportioned geometry cubes so I'm glad I kept doing more of them. I did use some references of towers to see how things are held up. It was tedious, drawing lines after lines and making sure they all connected >_<

The light brushes were from someone on dA (I can't remember!) and they came in handy because it allowed me to draw rows of boxes instead of one by one.

Including the prep sketches, this took me about 14 hours. I did the sketches during the course of a few days though. I'm trying to take more breaks between my stuff ;D

Photoshop Cs3, My stupid glitchy tablet.

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  • Issa


    Beautiful work, as always The light is amazing, I love it

    Sep 23rd, 2011 Reply