Strange Fruit 04 by Leonie

Strange Fruit 04

by Leonie in Mandelbulb3D

Paint Shop Pro
BG is "Sky" by photoshop-stock . Thanks for this wonderful image! :D

Thought I'd try something different and used _RotatedFolding, PseudoXDB and Menger4. It was fun finding and entering the different backgrounds! I highly encourage it! There are so many incredible stock images on dA and loads to find on the net in general - though in that case, I do recommend checking provenance and usage limits since so many are reposts that just say they're free to use!

I'm posting two variations here and five at deviantART .

Please click full view! Thanks so much for looking and all other support! :D

All of my images and creations here and elsewhere are copyrighted to JM Janzen and my primary net aka Leonie Zurakowsky and may be used only for non-profit purposes on your own computer. Pleas:icongrin--plz::iconhrtplz:

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