Sierra 00 by Leonie

Sierra 00

by Leonie in Mandelbulb3D

Paint Shop Pro
BG is "Cloud Stock 02" by SaswatStock. Thanks for this wonderful image! :D

And it's back to the shiny squares with two more variations here
and six at deviantART .

I used _CondLyapunov , CrossBiFold, SierpHilbert x2, _reciprocalX3 and MengerIFSplus (thanks again to Jesse, and !!!).

Make sure to click to full view so you can see the amazing variations and details created by running reflections! Thanks so much for looking and all other support! :D

All of my images and creations here and elsewhere are copyrighted to JM Janzen and my primary net aka Leonie Zurakowsky and may be used only for non-profit purposes on your own computer. Please link back to this image here if you tweak or manipulate it in one of your own works and post it on the net. Other use requires permission and a price. Thanks for thinking of it!

Leonie Zed

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