Cartagena Surprise 02 by Leonie

Cartagena Surprise 02

by Leonie in Mandelbulb3D

Paint Shop Pro

Here are yet (four with four more to come) more hybrids based on the Lyapunov tutorial, (by
LucaGN aka dark-beam . Thanks Luca!) this time adding AmazingBox and Sierpinski3. Check out those in my gallery here as well as six more (with six more to be posted soon) in my deviantART gallery here .

The name "Cartagena" had popped into my head one day - such a cool sound whether pronounced in an English way or correctly in Spanish - I really liked it. I searched out some images of the city of Cartegena (full name Cartagena los Indios = Cartagena of the West Indies, Columbia) and found the colours energetic, delightful and inspiring!

A little further research brought me of course to the Wiki page here,_Colombia , where I found that the city was named after the original in Spain,_Spain . The name stems from Arabic and went through several incarnations with the meaning of "New City", including Carthage. In fact there were several Cartagenas with these being the two that survived the centuries.

Even further delving revealed some excellent news regarding the Summit of the Americans which took place in April this year (2012). Of incredible note, American president Obama almost admitted that the War on Drugs has been damaging and that there MAY even be other ways to handle it! This is progress! How amazing it would be if governments finally realised that there are far far worse crimes than those involved with recreational drug use.

Even the heinous neo-con Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper stated that the current policies might not be working! , .

Coming from a province where over $7 billion of its income results from the production of cannabis, it would be remarkable to see the changes that might result from some forms of decriminalization and legalization.

So, simply the sound of a word popping into my head streamed into this amazing information and realization not to mention the total fun of making these related images!

Note me if you're interested in the parameters.

Please click to enlarge and see all the various little weird shapes. Thanks so much for viewing and all your support! :D

All of my images and creations here and elsewhere are copyrighted to JM Janzen and my primary net aka Leonie Zurakowsky and may be used only for non-profit purposes on your own computer. Please link back to this image here if you tweak or manipulate it in one of your own works and post it on the net. Other use requires permission and a price. Thanks for thinking of it!

Leonie Zed

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