Multnomah Falls by LeashaHooker

Multnomah Falls

by LeashaHooker in Nature

Multnomah Falls - Oregon ... I was one of the first people here in the morning after a very restless night... Oregon is a very dark state (not all the lights on the freeways like we are used to here in CA). The night before shooting this I was in Portland, was deciding where to sleep, thought I'd drive out to where these falls are and check this area out. When I got here there was a parking lot close by, one car was in it, looked like they may have had the same idea I did. Since it wasn't posted "no overnight parking" I decided to stay here. Well, now this is funny, although it wasn't at the time, at about 2:30 a.m. I was awoken by a very high speed train about 10 feet from my head, SCARED the shit out of me... With it being so dark, I didn't realize that just past the fence from where I parked where train tracks... You can bet I will be shining my high beams where ever I decided to "sleep" for the night in the future!! LOL

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