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As a guitarist of L'Arc-en-Ciel, "Preface to sleep" VIDEO SINGLE year 1994, ALBUM "Tierra" released 28 singles debut then., 10 albums in (Kioon Sony Records).
Achieve the first million seller in the "True" in 1996. Record sales of 6 million copies in the album "ark" "ray" of two simultaneous release in 1999. 1997 Tokyo Dome concert tickets sold out in four minutes, (relay closed circuit in Asia) mobilization, "ASIA LIVE in 2005 the (all 12 performances) 650 000 people in the" 1999 GRANDCROSS TOUR "1999 a great success as well live in Seoul, in Shanghai in 2005 ", he was a member of the band monster high recognition in Asian countries.
As the face of one, responsible for the vocal-guitar on SONS OF ALL PUSSYS has been active since 2002 already. Cast live tour nationwide, to SUMMER SONIC 03, also live in Asia remains the initial impulse, the DVD release of three mini-albums, single, three so far. Source of the feeling that "do something fun", in simple and aggressive activities.
This time, more personal level sublimation exceptional personality and kind, multifaceted musical character and distinctive lyricism ideal fusion of the human Ken, a rock of emotional.
Work was the experience of SOAP and ラルク, and they are all aspects of the work which was giving the appearance of being laid back and introspective than in another vector, and the work was Miseru closing in experimental heart's content, of "What you can do solo" here was derived to pursue, is a very natural response.

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