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Life as an only child who grew up in the suburbs of Osaka, HYDE has a childhood normal enough, despite the fact that his mother used to dress like a woman. Influential or not it is on style and musical ability HYDE, one thing is certain: HYDE has been over the line between sensitive, feminine comfort, and style punk rocker punk with a solo career, show his own name. HYDE out of the typical Japanese rockers, surprised everyone with a variation in the musical and style in the world HYDE visualnya.Karir music band that originated from long-lived of Jerusalem's Rod as a guitarist under the name Hide (who is his real name). Until finally he was found by Tetsu who brought his career to soar. Although before he planned to remain a guitarist, but Tetsu Hide insisted that joining the band as a vocalist. Together they formed L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel in 1991.

Hide soon changed his name to Hyde, took the idea from the classic novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr.. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, and then changed into a capital letter H started to move kecil.Seiring famous Laruku, hyde start thinking about yourself for solo careers. Especially in 1997 when drummer Laruku, Sakura, left the band due to criminal conviction. The project does not produce any results until Laruku decided to hiatus in 2001. Hyde also decided to change his name written in capital letters and dyed her hair blond. HYDE then take steps away from its roots as a vocalist Laruku, making all compositions and lyrics for songs new. In October 2001 he released his own label under Evergreen, Haunted Records as a branch of Ki / Oon. HYDE surprising fans and critics with a listless guitar melodies and the lyrics are sensitive. With the release of Angels and Shallow Sleep Tale, he continued his trend of sweet melodies of acoustic guitars, as well as additional track on the singles with the same song but in English. In March 2002, HYDE released a solo album, his first full-length, X-ray.

Collection of songs from the album of the same mellow style, let HYDE sensitifnya.Pada side expresses April 2002, HYDE once again surprised the fans by starring in the movie Moon Child with fellow vocalist, Gackt, though previously he has admitted that he was hesitant to try acting. The film is successful in Japanese theaters, as well as musical duet between the HYDE and Gackt titled Orenji no Taiyou (オレンジの太陽), which released the album Gackt's Crescent. These satisfy the public until the release of four singles HYDE, HELLO. HYDE once again changed his style, changing from simple and melodic to heavy electric guitar from hard rock. With color darker hair and punk-rock suit, HYDE returned to the world of music and ready for banging. After a little softening in style with HORIZON in November 2003, HYDE released two solo albums, 666 (roku roku roku read as a Japanese pronunciation of the rock rock rock). The album echoes a stronger presence than the first, showing one side as the bad boy HYDE rock.Sebelum music releases second album, HYDE reconvene with all members of Laruku in June and July 2003 for concerts with seven days in Shibuya, Tokyo. With a single release titled Laruku READY STEADY GO, HYDE slow solo activity.

He bit back to acting with the release of the movie Last Quarter in October 2004, the release re-Roentgen where all in English, and the release of his collection titled PV Roentgen Stories. But most of it remains as a vocalist of Laruku, until October 2005 with the release of her new single, Alan, may lurk another hiatus from the beginning of his career Laruku.Dari, HYDE's personal life has more or less become a public mystery. The original name and the date of his birthday was never notified. He is known only occasionally going out with pop star until his marriage to actress Megumi Oishi in December 2000. She gave birth to a child in November 2003, walapupun name and sex was never notified to publik.Walaupun musical and visual styles change and personal lives shrouded, HYDE remains a favorite among fans of Japanese rock community with songs that have been used in television advertising and films. His success not only in Japan alone, however, with the release of 666 albums in Germany in September 2005. With a strong voice and confidence to play guitar, HYDE prove to abandon the effect will last long in the genre of Japanese rock music.

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