Body 8 by LadyPsychoSexy

Body 8

by LadyPsychoSexy in People

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  • Submitted:Nov 13th, 2012
  • Resolution:2576x1936
  • Date Created:Jan 1st, 2005
  • Filesize:894 KB
  • Camera:DiMAGE Z5
  • Exposure:1/80
  • Aperture:f/3.5
  • Focal Length:10.2767944336mm
  • ISO Speed:160
  • Flash Fired:Flash fired, compulsory flash
  • Software:PhotoScape
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  • JurgenDoe


    I really don't know what you trying to show with this photo .. it has nothing to do with art and shouldn't be shown here .. maybe a biological book would be fine ... we're going to scrap this kinda photos because we are a art site and not a biological class room.

    Nov 16th, 2012 Reply Shadowness Staff