-There Is Not - Autumn Harmony by LadyFanhir

-There Is Not - Autumn Harmony

by LadyFanhir in Illusory Art

"Mirror mirror of the world
Tell me your secret
Walking on the cold dreams
Take a look at the madness
Conquer my alone mind
And singing an autumn harmony
I will lost your prison

I'm free.."

Another work for old theme about The Enchanted Visions Project! :D
Yesterday my boss was out of study all the time, so i take advantage of situation and drawing something with few colored pencils, lol... This is the result! XD
Nothing of special, but i'm so glad to drawing, as always... :3
Of course....... Scanbner KILLS all colors and composition... T_T

- F2 Fabriano Paper 15x19cm
- HB-B Graphite
- Faber Castle Colored Pencils
No Digital Retouch!

All the characters and the artwork found in my gallery are ©*Fanhir
No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner.
They all are copyright: SafeCreative.org and CreativeCommons.org

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