The Locket by LadyFanhir

The Locket

by LadyFanhir in Illusory Art

"Let me know
Your future
Your emotions
What you feel
When you looking me
I wish enchain your love
Inside my locket
Into my padlock
And take care of your soul
Through my eyes
Don't be sad
Don't you cry"

With this work, i finally complete ALL Enchanted Visions Project!!!!
I'm so happy to finished all themes of this great project, and i'm so proud of this work, because looks a bit unusual than my other pieces, just because i want try to color ONLY with watercolors!
Hope you like it!

- Fabriano Watercolors Paper 100% Cotton 26,5x41cm
- Maimeri Watercolors/Salt
- White Ecoline
No Digital Retouch!

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