Teardrops by LadyFanhir


:: Sirius (man): I always asked to myself... Why do you love so much rain?
:: Fanhir (little girl):Is from Larjas's Death, about two years, i cannot cry, so...
...I just let the rain in place of the tears"

*translation German (from comic)/English.

:: Thanks and Dedication here: http://fav.me/d4mnaf3
:: Special dedication to dearest /angievx for support, friendship, and for....
Ispiration due to her manga!!!! :love:
"Summerdays" check it here: http://angievx.deviantart.com/gallery/26838971
Her manga needs love... Go to read it!!!!
Thank you, Vera!!!

:: Important: Sorry, but read the longggg description! :)
I write this little moment some years ago.... I always wish to drawing it, also like a comic, so... Here you are!
Someone know i was make comic course, but, i abandoned it because i simply love illustration.... Now, you can see better that decision was right! :rofl:
I think i don't draw a comic from about 12 years ago.... My gosh... Now i understand very well why i decide to abandoned comic path! XD
So.... Please, don't critique work, i know is not perfect, full of mistake, scanner ruined a lot paper and colors, because was so hard to scan big paper, sigh, bla bla blaaaaaa!!!!!

Now, the story...
Anoter moment of joungness Fanhir!
Years ago i write a part of Fanhir's story, but, also for it, i preferrer abandoned writer path and "delete/modifie" story because i do not like it.
Just because i like to have her story in my mind.
But this is the only piece i maintain of writing.
I feel a lot of emotions everytime i think of it... I'm really sorry, if i don't represented weel it! :tears:
*as always, about Fanhir's works!

:: On this work, Fanhir (girl) was 15 years ago, and Sirius (guy) was 29 years ago.
They've Platonic love, from same interests to.... Just because Fanhir feel good with he, and he the same, also they both know that their relationship will finish soon, due to Fanhir's Religion (Najarhem, base on Warrior Life).

:: Why i write in German?
As i always remember... Fanhir's story is ambientated in this Modern Era, on Earth.
I just invented some cities and delete from story some political things, just for adapt story.
She passed few moment of her joungness in Germany, she was alive in a little city (i invented for adapt the story) near Berlin.
Someone can recognized place... Yes... You look right:
There are in the little park near Fanhir's home. They meet always here, because is so quiet and was a beautiful place! :3

Her native home is Arabia (ih ih ih.... No spoiler and always, invented cities for adapt the story).
Here because i write in German... I simply try to made more real this moment.

:: Tools:
Please, look full view! I don't like the "blurred" effect of preview! :(
- Fabriano F4 Paper 33x48 cm
- Cretacolors Graphite HB - 2B
- Caran d'Ache /Derwent Watercolor Pencils
- White Ecoline

All the characters and the artwork found in my gallery are ©*LadyFanhir
No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner.
:bulletblack: They all are copyright: SafeCreative.org and CreativeCommons.org

Fanhir Nives Kal'ehr & Sirius ©LadyFanhir

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