Fanhir Nives Kal'ehr

by LadyFanhir

Fanhir Nives Kal'ehr is my personal Original Character. She's an albino warrior, melancholic girl, mercilessly and without emotions caused by her tourtuos past. Little curiosity: - In the Ak'Hed (invented language) "Fanhir" is "Phoenix". "Nives", her second name, in Latin is "Snow". - Najarhem is a culture (Najar is the name of the warrior and who praticate this), a religion invented by me, basated of warrior life (I've not describe this.. Too long!). - The enemies and a lot of people called she "Red Amethyst" for the colors of her (red and purple) eyes. An other her particular: bands to the arms that hide hurts which don't will heal never. Of course.... Fanhir Nives Kal'Ehr ©*LadyFanhir No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner. They all are copyright: and