Fanhir :: Heart, Possession, Soul by LadyFanhir

Fanhir :: Heart, Possession, Soul

by LadyFanhir in Fanhir Nives Kal'ehr


Into my darkness world
I feel at home...
My madness, my pain, my hate
I found my heart...

But a cold voice
-trying to save me-
Reminds to my past
"This is not your place"

I feel at home
I enjoy my punishment...
My madness, my pain, my nightmare
I found my soul...


Shes' my Original Character Fanhir Nives Kal'ehr...
(for those who know she.... :P )
After centuries, i drawed a concept i was wish to make from a lot of time!! But is so hard draw something who you want hide, too, due to "shy" about story, and more reasons...

Ehm... A little epilogue:
Here, Fanhir is nearly possessed entirely by an obscure entity.
From joungness it was hide on her, and was appear only via nightmares. At 16 years old, these nightmares become illussion, and step by step, reality.
In this time, doctors and more people she can be affected of schizophrenia, but, finally, it looks was an effect of another disease (not about mind and brain)...

In this work, Fanhir has about 25 years old, i repeat, is nearly possessed entirely by an obscure entity.
She always has fear about it, and now we cannot know if there is one of her nightmare or not... That's your choice, i know mine.
In theory, background can be a "representation" of this dark world, but, because i want to hide it to yourself, lol, i drawing only a piece... ^^;

The sign on her hand is created by this entity. When she meet "it", this "creature" marks Fanhir with the "Witness" sign. Can be a sign of protection, of damnation... Another thing i want to hide, eh eh...
*no spoiler*

Ok, sorry for long description and bad english... Don't hate me! ^^;

Ah... For hand i use as reference a big idea.... Wood manequin hand! And my hand, too... XD
In truth, i started this work for coloring with colored pencils.... But... It looks a lot them are my enemies... XD
*so i continue it also with watercolors and graphite*
Please, no useless critique... I think is the first time i draw a big hand like it, so.... I hope is ok, and i accepted of course intelligent critiques... XD

- Fabriano F4 Rouge 24x33 cm
- HB-B-4B Faber-Castle Graphite
- Maimeri Watercolors
- Faber Castle Colored Pencils
- White Ecoline
No Digital Retouch!

All the characters and the artwork found in my gallery are ©*LadyFanhir
No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission

of the owner.
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