Assassin's Creed by LadyFanhir

Assassin's Creed

by LadyFanhir in Fan-Art

*again... Stupid title, sorry! ^^'''

Yeah, i always wish to draw Ezio, Desmond and Altair together!! :D
This work was a pain, from big size of paper (you know rarely i draw on it) to... Ehy... Guys... I've draw three guys!!! XDDD

Scanner kill colors (especially red shade), and i'm really sorry if you recognized some lines because i "divide" processing scanner. My camera is very ugly, and i preferrer made it! XD
I used only reference for suits from screenshoots of videogame... Ezio's suit was seems so easy to draw, ahahhaha! XD
Sorry for mistakes or more. Please, don't critique... Ehy... I've draw three guys??!!! XDDD

That's all... Hope you like it! ^^

- Fabriano Watercolor Paper 35x50cm
- HB-B-2B Faber-Castle Graphite
- Maimeri Watercolors
- White Ecoline
- Silver Glitter Pen
No Digital Retouch!

All the characters and the artwork found in my gallery are ©*LadyFanhir
No works may be reproduced, edited, redistributed, transmitted or otherwise used without express written permission of the owner.
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