Fantasy/Gothic Traditional Art •

, Italy

“Fanhir's Illusory Art” is Stefania Russo, aka LadyFanhir on web, italian fantasy/gothic traditional artist.
Borns in August 30, 1984, ever since she was a child, she always loved to draw fashion. But during the past year to fashion school, started a love for illustration. And from there, experimenting with colors.
She's a self-taught traditional artist. Her tools are watercolors, colored pencils, graphite and charcoal for mixed media.
Stefania called her own art "Illusory Art", due to her constant search for a fantasy world through the visual arts... And, also because she really like the meaning of the word "illusory" for various reasons, for herself.
She wants fight against her inner fears, and grow as artist...
She wants found new ispirations into her personal world, and share to you in colorful, but with dark and gothic soul, way all her emotions. She wants your gaze mesmerized to little details, like an hide desperate face into hairs, and heard your sensation to her.
She wants you be imprisoned in her illusory art...