Tufa Sunset by LUX

Tufa Sunset

by LUX in Yosemite

So I have been watching the Weather All week looking for a good day to take a much needed day trip to Yosemite. and All week the Weather app on my phone has been saying Tuesday was it.. Well THEY SUCK! it was Clear and BLUE all damn day! The only thing saving the day was the company of my good Friend and The Fall colors! DAMN The Fall colors Looked AMAZING! So in efforts to Show my Friend around and try to get some Sky and a Great Place for Sunset we Headed to Mono Lake! Well still not much of a Sky but I did manage to Get a few shots at sunset..

Let Me Know What You Think.

The End: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL4lTZ_E7qo

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