Here and Now by LUX

Here and Now

by LUX in Selective Coloring

So its Forth Of July Weekend and Most of us remember this Holiday for Drinking and Blowing Things Up.. But there is a Much Bigger story and a Much bigger reason to celebrate. There are a lot of Men and Woman Out there fighting in Wars they did not start but have all intentions of Winning. This has been going on for Thousands of Years and Will go on for Thousands more.

This shot was taken in a Military Base Located at the Base of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California. Its one of the Rooms that the Commanders stayed in and It was a Simple room nothing on the wall but what matter to them the most.

Enjoy and while your out there this year shooting fireworks and drinking beers remember why we get to do this every year.. Its not just about Independence.. Its about Freedom..

Here and Now:

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