The Midnight Snack Club - the process by Kristy

The Midnight Snack Club - the process

by Kristy in Vector Designs

This is a t-shirt design I made for threadless, care to give some luv'n, just click here .

I always start with sketching if I feel doing a very detailed linework, with the help of tracing paper I do my pen and ink over the original rough sketch, then scan it and live trace the linework through adobe illustrator, and then expand,and start coloring it by using the pen tool.

The design is based on the original poses of the cult movie, The Breakfast Club , which was huge way back in the 80's, and since I love the 80's so much, that I made a tribute to John Hughes in a very strange and horrifying way, and called the group The Midnight Snack Club,hehe, hope you like it and don't forget to vote! thanks!!! =D

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