One day as a lion by KrisVann

One day as a lion

by KrisVann in Surreal

They say that in war
That truth be the first casualty
So I dig in selector
I the resurrector
Fly my shit sever your neck
Wider than ever
With my tongue dipped in funk arsenic
Burn this illusion, this lie
This straight arson shit
Your arsenal stripped
Power aint full jackets and clips
Its my ability to define phenomenon
Raw Crenshaw 84
Boogie down before
L.A. when the war break off
Where you be take off
Stand in full face off
With the M1 millimeter
Let the rhythm of the chamber hit em
Let the rich play catch with em
Better yet make em eat em and shit em
Till they so full of holes
That they drown in their own
Im like a nail stuck
In the wrist of they Christmas
Dont need radio
To leave their family a witness

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