Multi Media Artist •


Hello everyone. I am an 18 year old artist from Alberta, Canada. My hobbies aside from drawing are reading and playing video games. My favourite games include Harvest Moon, DDR and Final Fantasy IX and my favourite book is the Artemis Fowl series. I also love anime as well (hahaha typical XD) my favourite being Slayers, Full Metal Alchemist and Hetalia: Axis Powers.

As for my art style, I feel I really can't place myself in a style or a favourite media to use. I am fond of using Photoshop 7.0, Faber Castell Pencil Crayons, Acrylic Paint, and pencil work. I am most fond of drawing people and animals. Feel free to browse my gallery for my works.

Feel free to say hello! By the way, my primary internet art portfolio is Kitsuraki on deviantart, so feel free to check it out, since it will have a larger amount of my past works and may be updated sooner.