Pride by KingVego


by KingVego in Fan Art

"Meaningless?! WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF MEANINGLESS!? Spend most of your life ruled by another, watch your race dwindle to a handful. And then tell me what mean more then your own strength. I have in me the blood of a saiyan prince, he is nothing but a joke. Yet i have to watch him surpass me in strength, my destiny thrown to the waist side. HE'S!.. He's even saved my life as if i were a helpless child. He has stolen my honor! And his debt, must be paid!" - Majin Vegeta

I did this picture for a client to prove a point. I have to show i was able to draw in Akira Toriyama art style AKA like Dragon Ball Z. And to show off i thought i would draw my favored characters from one of the best episodes. And since my honor was in question so i thought "What better part to portray then this one".

For my honor and pride.

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