logan digital by KingVego

logan digital

by KingVego in Fan Art

Have you ever felt like a complete noob at what you do best? You came across someone who not just better then you but its lightyears ahead of you. And after witnessing this when you pick back up you mechanical pencil and start drawing it feels like your a toddler with crayons. Well recently Nebezial (who is a fantastic digital artist) posted one of his random joke pictures and i saw there was a link to a youtube video. Then i discovered his youtube page (which you all should go to like now) http://www.youtube.com/user/nebezial1?feature=watch and for the first time got to see what it takes just to do one of is random joke pics. Now his vids are not tutorials but more of just him doing his thing which i found amazingly educational. Iv only recently got in to doing digital art with a table and on photoshop so he was doing stuff i would have never thought about doing.

So by implementing some of the things i learned i did this picture of Logan more as a test run. I don't like the hair much but i think i did a ok job.

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