illustrator •

Hamilton, Canada

My name is Chris and I've been drawing for 18 some odd years, but iv only got really good at it in the past 3 years. So there's not that much to tell, I'm a overweight geek artist from Canada that loves good food, the ladies, anything to do with Wolverine and beer. Don't you just love my set of priorities?

I've been drawing for most of my life and the big reason why I started drawing was the cartoons i was watching. Stuff like Bugs Bunny and Transformers when i was little then i watched other stuff like DragonballZ, Sailor Moon, Batman and Spiderman when i was a bit older. So at least half of my influence are very "anime". But as i got older i realized that everybody, and i mean everybody was either trying to draw anime style or was drawing it. And it seemed to me that i needed to find my own identity and style to truly defined myself as a artist. So now i try to do something along the lines of a "American comic books" look to my art with lots of black and extreme crosshatching but i never forget my anime roots and you can see it in the largeness of the eyes and some crazy hair styles i used to do. Also i was always interested in the human body and its anatomy which is rather helpful when it comes to making your pictures even more interesting to look at.

I've always had a very vivid and powerful imagination which i think helps drawing in every way. But a picture can only tell so much but writing the words and saying the words
can do so much more. Don't get me wrong i don't fancy myself as a "writer" but i do try to write here and there. What i like to do is express myself in all ways of expression. So i try to branch my skills in all art forms.