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A lot of pain and injustice is caused by anger and I feel as if I’m obliged to make artwork that reflects ideas about the danger of it and it’s destructive nature. I’m beginning to discover some of the applications “art” can have in transmitting ideas across cultural boundaries and language barriers. My most recent and serious body of work deals with partisanship, polarization and anger, on both an economic and individual level. I firmly believe that in order to start a revolution, the revolution must first start in yourself. We should all strive to become more compassionate and balanced human beings if we wish to see the world turn around. Besides, “Generosity is more fun” -Bob Thurman (this is what I recite whenever I want to be angry at someone, it helps me to calm down and act right)

In general I’m drawn to the complexities of human experience and emotion, and am excited by the way that images of animals can make us feel and how they can be used to represent us. I also love a good battle of “good vs. evil” and you can often find me referencing fairy tales or children’s stories. I can’t bring myself to lie about the positive impact that these stories have had on me. I hope I am able to express in my art the dignity that I feel is so often denied them (As a fellow Peter S. Beagle fan writes, “it’s amazing how much of the best and deepest of the world’s literature gets classified as children’s stories, folk tales, and myths so they can be safely ignored”)

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” - The Buddha