you and i by Kevinchichetti

you and i

by Kevinchichetti in Arts

Used credits and Stocks

Thank you, without these beautiful stocks would not be possible to complete this scene!

Model for Poor Souls-stock >

Sky by dractus-stock >

Lake By compot-stock >

Wall by Goblin-stock >

Plaque by GeneralVyse >

Skull by ChristasVengel-stock >

Brush Blood by frozenstocks >

Water Brushes 1 by superlibbie >

Water Brushes 2 by midnightstouch >

Spider Brushes by TheLadyAmalthea >

Spider Web Brush By anaRasha-stock >

Hair By Dezzan >

I was inspired the song "You and I" by Lady Gaga to compose this image.
Image created for the Purpose: Challenges Photoshop Brazil (DPB)

This image contains "Creative Commons"
All rights reserved.
Do not copy, reproduce, manipulate without permission!


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