Her hair fell in waves by KaterinaArt

Her hair fell in waves

by KaterinaArt in Fantasy

"Her hair fell in waves"
Acrylic mermaid painting, 9 x 12 , 2013 on Arches coldpress watercolor paper,
Based on my sketch from sketch Sketch Fest #32 (January, 2013)
This was one of my personal favorite sketches i wanted to finish someday and six months later
here it is , is the same sketch i tried painting on a 20x30 foam board (bad idea) of a video still
i had shared last week on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katerina-Art/91520588028 and it went bad so i decided to try it again . The original is so much more
prettier than the scan and a bit bigger not by much just a bit - my small 8.5 x 11 scanner couldn't include all of it
this was painted Borderless this mean no border around all painted :)
i did some changes from my original sketch added more hair (also covers her legs in water ;) )
since i wanted to paint her as a mermaid :) pose reference model http://sinned-angel-stock.deviantart.com/
Original,prints on my website
thank you so much for looking, sharing or commenting my art
feel free to share my art i always appreciate it

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